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If you’re here, you’re already a step ahead of your competition! Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate to your clients. Please answer the below questions and we’ll be in touch to chat about customising an Influencer Marketing program for you!

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    Marketing Questions

    1. What do you hope to accomplish?

    Working with an influencer should help supplement your digital marketing strategy where other aspects may be falling short. It’s important that your team decides on your goals for the campaign before jumping in. Your goals are dependent on what areas your marketing plan needs help with. Your goals may be one of these or it may be completely unique to your organization:

    Increase brand awareness and brand reachImprove social media presence through increased followers and engagementIncrease sales and/or conversion ratesPromote new product launchBuild awareness around an upcoming eventDrive traffic back to your website or social media account profiles

    Your goals will help us in the decision to choose the right influencer for the job.

    2. What’s your budget for an influencer campaign?

    Each group of influencers and each influencer individually has their own price tag associated with their campaign. Before we can match your brand / business to an influencer, you’ll need to decide how much cash your company can dedicate to an influencer campaign.

    3. Are you willing to let the influencer take over the creative aspect?

    One of the best parts about an influencer campaign, if done right, is that it often seems natural and authentic. Therefore, in order to see the most success for the campaign, you’ll need to hand over creative control to the influencer. You can set guidelines in your contract or air that you’d like to have final approval before the post goes live. Having too heavy of a hand during the process can lead to followers being turned off and untrusting of your brand.


    4. Tell us more about your customers

    5. What products/services do you want to promote specifically?

    6. Is this a monthly or a one time budget?


    What is the customer profile you are trying to target?

    7. Gender Demographics (male % __ vs. female % __)

    8. Age Range


    9. Area

    10. The desired launch date of the campaign?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire!